by Permanent RCRD Studios

Audio Recording

Our studio recording rate is $55/hr.

We offer two comfortable, unique, sound-treated recording spaces equipped with dynamic podcasting microphones and multitrack recording gear. A sound engineer sets up and personalizes the studio for you before you arrive and initiates your recording — all you have to do is show up and start podcasting. (We also offer Skype/Zoom recording and other recording services for remote call-in guests.)

Audiobook recording and other voice recording services are also provided. Book a session or a visit now or contact us to learn more.

Permanent RCRD also provides an optional Monitoring Service. If you contract this service, an engineer will monitor your audio for the duration of your session and assist with any adjustments and edits you need during the allotted time. This service is provided at an additional rate of $55 per hour. The engineer only remains in the room to monitor your recording if you contract the optional Monitoring Service.

Video Recording

Our video recording rate is $135/hour and includes an engineer/producer. Each video studio includes a two-camera setup with HD video and audio capture, a comfortable customizable studio space, live streaming, and engineering production services for every session. 

Here are some of the details of the video studio:

  • Video is captured on 2 HD Lumix mirrorless cameras at 1080p
  • Audio continues to be captured at highest quality on up to 4 Shure SM7B mics as individual tracks
  • Audio capabilities include seamless integration of music and sound clips via computer, bluetooth, phone, and customizable soundboard
  • Studio space has been professionally lit for video
  • Studio space allows for customization of shelves and background space 
  • Live stream integration to almost all social media platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, Periscope (Twitter), and Twitch
  • Production engineering by Permanent RCRD Studios during the recording session, ensuring everything captures and delivers smoothly
  • A viewing monitor for on-camera talent to be able to watch the production
Oysters, Clams, & Cockles recording in studio


You can visit our booking page and fill out the online form to book a recording session. The online form collects all the information we need to set up and personalize the studio room for your recording session.

Once we receive your booking request, we’ll email you a confirmation with more info and an online payment request. And we’ll contact you if we need more information.

We’ll have the studio set up for you and your guests, if you’re bringing any, before you arrive to record. All you have to do is arrive on time and get comfortable. If you have any questions, please email us: