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Grant Davis and Randy Lander are The TV Dudes, insightful couch potatoes who love to discuss TV shows, analyze key scenes, and pour over TV news.

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Iron Fist of Love

Iron Fist is here and we binged through it all to give you our thoughts! Love season 2 is here so we also binged through that to discuss. And that's not all! We also find time to chat about Trial and Error, Legion, and an early screening of American Gods

124: CW Ketchup

This week Randy and Les are joined by 'friend of the dudes', Cat Burke O'Malley, to discuss all things CW including Riverdale, Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Reign, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, The 100, and My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

123: Back in Time

We gotta go back!! Back in time! This week we are checking out a ton of great shows that all have the common theme with playing with time and timelines: Making History, Time After Time, Timeless, Feud, The Americans, and Legion

122: Why So Angry?

These characters are all so angry! So, us TV Dudes are prescribing everyone a nice chill pill in the form of this weeks ep as we discuss the return of 'Billions', the premiere of 'Taken', and, as usual, 'Legion'.

121: Screwed Up

All of these TV characters have... issues. Whether it's domestic, mental, or existential, all of the shows we are discussing this week tackles some screwed up folks. This week we are talking 'Humans', 'Crashing', 'Big Little Lies', and 'Legion'

120: Best in Show

The best hard sci-fi show out there. The best superhero show on tv. The best late night talk show. This week we have the best in class discussing 'The Expanse', 'Legion', and 'Last Week Tonight'.

119: Brains and Brawn

This week we are talking about the brains (or brainless) and the brawn of tv: Powerless, APB, 24: Legacy, and The Santa Clarita Diet.

118: Displaced

All these characters displaced! Displaced from their normal routine! Displaced from society! Displaced from the wholesome feel good world in which they exist in comic books! This week we are checking out 'The Good Place' season 1 finale, 'Voltron' season 2, 'The Travelers' season 1 and that pilot for 'Riverdale.'

Hulu Scoop

Hulu has been cranking out a ton of original content and it is well past time we check in on what they are creating. This week we take a look at 'Shut Eye', 'Chance', and 'The Path'. Tune in!

116: There Are No Good Guys

This week we are taking a look at three new shows that all feature bad and dangerous dudes: 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' over on Netflix, 'Sneaky Pete' on Amazon, and 'The Young Pope' on HBO.