Permanent RCRD is a recording studio and creative space for podcasters and new media content creators. View our services and rates below.

Recording Studio Rental

Record your podcast or audio/video project in one of our sound-treated recording studios on South Congress, with full access to multitrack recording and mixing equipment (microphones, audio interfaces, mixers, industry standard recording software, Skype, computer, etc.), free wifi, a backup recording for safety, plus an onsite engineer to assist with tech and gear setup*. View our rates below:

  • Contact us at for more info on renting the studio and our hourly rates.

* Engineer will complete tech setup, mic check, and begin and end recording process for all recordings. Engineer is available to remain in the room and monitor recordings at an additional service fee.

Take a peek inside our studio.

Learn more about our recording gear and software.

New Podcast Setup and Launch

New to podcasting? We’ll take care of you with our new podcast setup, including everything you need for a successful launch: $100 (one-time setup fee)


  • Editing and leveling of your first podcast episode up to one hour in length
  • A full podcast RSS feed and media hosting account setup (an RSS feed is essential to distribute your podcast and view your download stats)*
  • A basic website for your podcast, included with your RSS feed and media hosting account**
  • Your choice of intro/outro music from our royalty free music library
  • Submission of your new podcast to Apple Podcasts/iTunes directory, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, and YouTube
  • Copywriting of basic show notes (up to 250 words) for your first podcast episode (for your podcast RSS feed and podcast website)

* After setup and launch, media hosting account is managed and maintained by you, the podcaster client, unless you contract Permanent RCRD to manage these services. 

** Basic website is bundled with media hosting account and is managed and maintained by you, the podcaster, after setup and launch, unless you contract Permanent RCRD to manage these services. 



1511 S Congress Ave, St. 300
Austin, TX 78704