Gilmored: A New Gilmore Girls Podcast

Gilmored covers Gilmore Girls in-depth, with analysis of the show’s best episodes, from the pilot to Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival. Your hosts, Kei Haynes and Mike Moody, are joined by guests from the Permanent RCRD podcast network and others to discuss the show.

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Gilmored: S1E15 Christopher Returns

Christopher returns! For the first time. Yeah, that episode title doesn't make a lot of sense, but that doesn't matter because we absolutely loved this episode of Gilmore Girls. Is it one of the...

Gilmored: S1E14 That Damn Donna Reed

We're back to tackle "That Damn Donna Reed," the fourteenth episode of Gilmore Girls' first season. Everyone remembers Rory dressing up like Donna Reed to punk Dean, but we ended up loving the Lorelai-Luke...

Gilmored: S1E13 Concert Interruptus

We're burning an eternal flame on this episode of Gilmored, in which we have a bit of fun with "Concert Interruptus," the classic season one episode featuring a Bangles concert!

S1E11: Paris Is Burning

Paris Is Burning isn't exactly one of our favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls, but it does a great job of exploring Lorelai's struggle as a single mother who has to consider her daughter's needs, and not only her own emotions, when deciding whether to take the next step in a romantic relationship.

S1E10: Forgiveness and Stuff

Richard ends up in the hospital, and the Gilmore girls react to the family patriarch's failing health in their own unique ways. Also, Luke pretty much owns this episode! Join us to chat about another classic Gilmore Girls ep, "Forgiveness and Stuff," the tenth episode of the first season.

S1E9: Rory’s Dance

It’s Rory's first dance! We're talking a custom Lorelai Gilmore-branded dress, a tussle between Dean and garbage human Tristan and, of course, some major drama between Lor and Emily.

S1E8: Love and War and Snow

It's our first snow day in Stars Hollow! Rory is stuck at her grandparents' house, Lorelai and Max have a magical night together, and Luke ... well, Luke has a rough go of it in this one (come to think of it, so does Lane). Join us as we dive into another classic season one episode of Gilmore Girls, "Love and War and Snow."

S1E7: Kiss and Tell

It's Rory's first kiss! Is it Dean's first kiss? Probably not, but that's okay! Join us as we discuss "Kiss and Tell," the sweet, if slight, seventh episode of Gilmore Girls, somewhat surprisingly written by Weeds and Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan.

S1E6: Rory’s Birthday Parties / The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

ASP is back, on Amazon Prime, with her new pilot, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We review the pilot and, of course, continue our trek through some classic Gilmore Girls episodes. This week, our focus is on episode six, "Rory's Birthday Parties."

S1E5: Cinnamon’s Wake – A Gilmore Girls Podcast

Lorelai and Rory start and stumble when it comes to new romantic interests, and Babette loses a cat in the classic townie-centric episode "Cinnamon's Wake." We discuss episode highlights, themes and more.