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The Marvel TV Binge is a weekly Marvel TV podcast. A comics industry vet, a TV critic, and a mega fan cover Marvel’s many TV series in depth.

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Iron Fist: Episodes 1-3

Oh, boy. It's time to talk about the first three episodes of Marvel's most critically panned Netflix series to date, Iron Fist. But seriously, this show is, like .... OK, OK, just listen to the pod. And don't forget to drop us a line on the tweets.

Legion: Chapters 5 and 6

The Marvel TV A-Binge-rs are back to tackle the latest Legion episodes. We mostly discuss episode 6, but we do cover episode 5 a bit, since the audio from our full episode 5 pod was confiscated by Division 3.

Legion: Chapter 4

The trio of Martin, Mike and Nate have reunited to discuss another trippy and emotional episode of FX's Legion. This week's it's episode 4, "Chapter 4."

Legion: Chapter 3

Martin Thomas and Mike Moody dig into the third episode of FX's Legion, which takes us deeper inside David's fractured mind and deepens the relationship between David and Syd.

Legion: Chapter 2

We crawl deeper into David's cracked mind on episode 2 of FX's Legion. We're grateful to our friend Kyle Scott from The TV Dudes for joining us this week.

Legion Series Premiere: Chapter 1

We're back to cover FX's Legion, the new series based on the Marvel X-Men comic character of the same name.

Legion on FX: Pod Coverage Preview

We'll be covering FX's new Marvel TV series Legion in-depth on the pod over the next several weeks. This is just a quick programming note to let you know what to expect. So subscribe and get in touch with us to talk Legion!

Agents of SHIELD: Season 4 Winter Finale Review

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD wrapped the first half of its fourth season last week with episode "Laws of Inferno Dynamics." Martin, Mike and Nate discuss the show's winter finale, which saw the Ghost Rider story line wrap up and the show kick off a new LMD story line.

We Answer Your Marvel Questions and Comments!

What are our favorite Marvel musical moments? Which supporting character would we like to see lead a new Marvel TV series. We answer these questions and more as we dip into the mailbag on this episode of Marvel TV Binge.

Luke Cage S1E13: You Know My Steez

Our coverage of Luke Cage season 1 comes to a close with this review of the show's thirteenth episode, "You Know My Steez."