Beach Cop Detectives

Beach Cop Detectives is a podcast dedicated to Terriers, the one-season beach noir series co-created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Ted Griffin (Ocean’s 11) for FX in 2010.

The podcast, hosted by Rander Lander of The TV Dudes, hopes to serve as the DVD extra equivalent for a show that has never received the DVD treatment, with episode-by-episode analysis and original interviews with the creators and cast members of Terriers. Learn more at

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Final Interview: Co-Creator & Executive Producer Ted Griffin

n our final podcast for Beach Cop Detectives, Randy sits down with ‘Terriers’ creator Ted Griffin to discuss the last half of the season, the series as a whole, and what could have been/might...

Interview: Lead Actress Kimberly Quinn

We have our exclusive interview with Gretchen! Terriers star Kimberly Quinn joins us to discuss how she came to the show, her chemistry with Donal Logue, the hardest scene she had to do, and a whole lot more.

15: Behind the Scenes

Randy Lander, Grant Davis and Nate Bliss talk about the behind-the-scenes of Beach Cop Detectives, from inception through production, talking about recording, scheduling, the artwork, and lots more.

14: The Series

Randy is joined by his fellow Beach Cop Detectives collaborators, Grant Davis and Nate Bliss, to discuss the Terriers series as a whole and speculate on what a second season could’ve been.

Interview: Co-Showrunner & Executive Producer Shawn Ryan

Here is our exclusive interview with the co-showrunner and executive producer of Terriers, Shawn Ryan! We talk about how he divided his experiences with the other creators, the cast, shooting in San Diego, Rian Johnson and lots more!

Interview: Composer Robert Duncan

We have our exclusive interview with Terriers music composer Robert Duncan. Duncan worked on all of the music for the series, including the theme song "Gunfight Epiphany."

13: Hail Mary

Alan Sepinwall, TV Critic at, joins Randy to talk about the final episode of Terriers, "Hail Mary." Never seen ‘Terriers’? Need a refresher? ‘Terriers’ is available to watch right now over on Netflix. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS Voices: RANDY LANDER Creator/Host Randy Lander is...

Interview: Writer Nick Griffin

We have our exclusive interview with Terriers writer Nick Griffin. Griffin is also the co-writer of the film Matchstick Men with his brother, Ted Griffin.

12: Quid Pro Quo

Dean Trippe, cartoonist and author of Something Terrible, joins Randy to talk about episode 12 of Terriers, "Quid Pro Quo."

Interview: Writer Jon Worley

We have our exclusive interview with Terriers writer and producer Jon Worley. He is credited with writing episode 4, Fustercluck, and episode 8, Agua Caliente